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My father in law has been on dialysis since last 3 years. His fistula through which his dialysis is done was blocked over a period of time and the dialysis center had put a temporary catheter and he was asked to create a new fistula. We underwent a fistulaplasty by Dr Sagar Satpute and it was a great sucess. The procedure was very complicated as there were multiple blockages. The chances of sucess rate was 50% but we were adviced to try and save the existing fistula which is part of the body by Dr Sagar. The plasty was sucessful and we were saved from the complications of undergoing a new fistula surgery. Dr Sagar is extremely skilled and knowledgeable.

Sheetal Anish Shah

I would like to share my experience about brain aneurysm. One fine morning my cousin had paralytic attack in which her left side was affected. After performing brain angiography it was found that she had brain aneurysm which is ballooning of blood supplying arteries. Dr Sagar very well explained us what are the possible options available to treat this and why we were opting for coiling method. I would like to thank Dr Sagar and team of doctors who had performed timely surgery successfully and extensive care post surgery which has helped her completely recover. Thank you Dr Sagar

Rais Chikte

My Dad had blockages in nerve below knee and he was not able to walk due to this issue. We met Vascular surgeon Dr Sagar Satpute and he has treated very intilligently and carefully. Now he is able walk without any difficulties.

Uttam Rupnar

Dr. Sagar is a very kind and well informed doctor. My father was suffering from Peripheral artery disease, we took treatment from Dr. Sagar and his health condition is improving.

Aniket Kokate

My spouse wound is healed completely after laser treatment of Varicose vanes done by Dr.Satpute. The wound was for period of 6months. Due to leg ulsaric she was unable to walk freely and tremendous pain’. Now she is completely ok. Thanks Dr.Satpute

Nilesh Manohar

Very good experience with Dr Satpute. He is well experienced and do explain the problem in details and provide the treatment accordingly. My father is well recovered now from Vericose vain with his treatment. Thank you doctor.

Sachin S Shirodkar

Visited for wound over foot for my uncle… There was blockage in artery… Happy with the consultation.

Rajesh Sampat Ahire

Got my wife operated for varicose vein by dr satpute excellent surgeon with satisfactory outcomes highlighly recommended

Ramesh Sonawale

My wife was sufferring from elbow bursitis from a long time, all the previous doctors suggested to go for operation, but Dr. Sagar advised to opt an MRI and found that it's vascular malfunction, he further advised to go for Sclerotherapy with DSA, and we obliged. Therapy has been done successfully and on the same day my wife got discharged, after 2-3 days we can see the results and the lesion got reduced a lot, thanks to Dr. Sagar to show us the correct path and get cured without surgery. Thank you so much Sir

Dhritiman Mukherjee



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