Varicocele Embolization

Varicocele means abnormal dilatation of veins in the scrotum. Patient presents with swellings , pain or abnormal sensation in the scrotum or with history of infertility.

It is more common on left side, though can be present on right side and even bilaterally.

It is mainly due to incompetent/ damaged valves of veins which carries venous blood from scrotum/testes to heart. Impaired blood circulation increases temperature in the scrotum which affects sperm production.

Treatment – Old treatment was to remove these dilated veins by surgery. But now we have non-surgical option to treat varicocele.

Endovascular embolization is advanced treatment in which varicocele is treated by coil embolization and sclerotherapy on day care basis. It involves no cut no scars. Procedure is done via a small prick in the groin without touching scrotum.

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